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These two girls and their families met while serving a mission in an African orphanage.  These girls quickly became sisters by choice and friends by chance!  Annie moved back to Washington with her family and Chloe came to stay for several months.  Chloe is now on her way back to her family in Africa, but before she left they came to me.  They asked me to capture their special friendship.  I am blown away by the life experiences these girls have had in their 16 young years of life.  The kindness and compassion in their hearts and service to others speaks volumes to me in our “me me me” way of life these days.  They both know what is important in life and it shows.  They are both beautiful girls, but their beauty within is absolutely radiant.  I will be watching both of these young ladies in their life adventures and I know I will be in awe of the both of them in whatever they choose to do with their lives.  sisters by choice friends by chancesisters by choice friends by chancelifestyle family funsisters by choice friends by chance


Our family took a trip to the beach in July and I am finally getting this up on the blog.  We were in a very remote area on the Oregon coast.  We had no internet, no cell and minimal TV.  My kids were a little in shock at first, but as it turned out it was a wonderful break from the technology world.  On the second day of our trip I ended up breaking my toe.  So I didn’t get as many shots as I would have liked because let me tell you, walking on sand with a broken toe is mighty painful. 🙂  My kids flew kites, built sandcastles and learned how to skimboard.  Here are just a few of my favorites from this memorable vacation.