Hi, my name is Ann and I’ve had a passion for photography since I was a very young girl.  I received my first camera (a Polaroid) as a gift for Christmas when I was eleven years old.  I discovered I had a great passion for photography.  I attended various art and photography classes throughout high school and college.  I loved taking pictures of people and animals back then and I still do today.  When my children were born my love of photography grew.  I cherished capturing every little moment in time…dirty faces, messy rooms, little toes, and toothless grins.  I embraced each moment and knew photos would help preserve every memory.

I currently live on a small little farm in Kennewick with my husband and children.  It’s not a real working farm, but it’s a little farm to me.  We have horses, chickens, cats, dogs and a mini donkey.  I have a small garden that I planted a few years ago.  My farm gives me great inspiration and inner peace.  You can see more of my life here on my 365  or on my blog .

My goal is to capture a single moment in your life and turn it into a piece of art.  Something for  you to always treasure.   My style is honest, natural and emotive.

I would love to photograph you and your family soon.  Please contact me to set up your photography session.